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Monday, June 27, 2011

Coz, I'm a fool.

It must be because I’m a fool.
It must be okay even if it hurts me.

Even if you tease me that it’s a foolish love,
Because I’m such a helpless fool,
My wanting to be good to him
Is enough to make me happy.

Even if he smiles at me once,
I’m happy with that smile.

Until the person he loves comes along,
I’m just going to stay by his side like this.

It’s a love that makes me happy just to give
So I won’t wish for anything more…

In a place where he can always reach me if he holds out his hand,
In a place where I can always hear his if he calls out to me,
I will stay there without any change,
Because I love him.

Because I’m a fool.


si leija said...

suatu hari nti masa yang cerah akan muncul untuk kamu~`

Siti asSaqynah. said...

entah ada lagi esok @ x dalam hdup sy. huhu :D
nway thanx komen:)